User-Friendly Direct Mail Resources from the USPS

by Dean Rieck

A little over seven years ago, I wrote a column in DM News about the resources available from the United States Postal Service. At that time, I wasn't too thrilled with how the USPS Web site was constructed. It was not user-friendly at all.

Today, I'm pleased to say that has come a long way. It has become a treasure trove of well-organized information, publications, and resources. I encourage you to visit and bookmark the site in your browser. Following are just a handful of the useful items you'll find.

Note: The USPS site is designed for both consumers and mailers. You'll find the information I refer to below when you click on the "business" button on the top left.

There's a lot more on the site, so visit and spend a little time looking around. If you have people involved in creating mail or handling production issues, make sure they have access to the site as well. It can prevent a lot of headaches and may even provide a few good ideas.

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