The Boring Little Secret for Effortless Advertising Creativity

by Dean Rieck

Edmund Burke, a British statesman, once said, "Facts are to the mind what food is to the body." He was right. And nowhere is that more true than in advertising.

Forget the image of the lone creative genius brainstorming random ideas until he shouts, "Eureka!" The truth is far more boring. Because great ideas begin with facts. Lots and lots of seemingly mundane facts.

Feed your mind and the ideas flow effortlessly. That's the real secret for advertising creativity.

Collect all the information you can. Read, ask questions, dig, let your curiosity roam free. It's like panning for gold — eventually, you turn up the shiny nuggets that can turn your advertising into profit.

Here are some of the questions you should answer for every promotion:

Don't rush through this information gathering phase. I often spend half my time on it — and believe me, it's time well spent.

As I collect information, ideas start popping into my head. Offers spring to life. Headlines seem to write themselves. And what needs to be done to maximize response suddenly becomes obvious and effortless.

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