My copywriting and design services add "oomph" to your direct mail and direct response advertising!

Powerful Copywriting

Copy is king! And I specialize in writing copy that sells for direct mail, B2B, sales lead generation, sales letters, e-mail marketing, Web sites, landing pages, and radio advertising. You always get first-rate quality because unlike many other copywriters, I'm a direct response advertising specialist and personally write every word.

Effective Design

Great response doesn't come from great copywriting alone. Design can make or break a direct marketing effort. It isn't about pretty pictures; it's about reinforcing and energizing the words to communicate a powerful selling message. That's why I have a full design staff — unlike many other top copywriters, I care about the design and use it to boost your selling power.

Common-Sense Consultation

Need fresh ideas? Want to improve your direct mail or ads? Need help setting up a testing program? Call me today for a personal, one-on-one phone conference. I'm not at all shy about telling you what works, what doesn't, and how to fix it. I can work with you on a project basis or on an affordable retainer.

Response-Boosting Critiques

Want quick tips for boosting response? Now you can get specific, do-it-yourself copywriting and design improvements, plus suggestions for offer enhancements — all in a week or less. Perfect for fatiguing direct mail packages or underperforming print ads, e-mail, and Web sites. I also offer a "second opinion" service to assure you're on the right track before you spend money to print, mail, or buy media.

Sales Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the simplest direct marketing tasks, yet most companies do it wrong and sacrifice millions in profits. I can help you create a complete but simple system to generate inquiries and sales leads. This can include creating information kits, reports, white papers, and other offers ... a response generating direct mail package, e-mail, or ad ... and whatever follow-up materials and sales tools you need.

Cash-Generating Sales Literature

Feeling overwhelmed? I can help lighten your load by handling some of your smaller but vital projects, including writing and designing print ads, brochures, sales letters, news releases, product literature, newsletters, or whatever needs a professional touch and an ear for plain English.

Direct Response Radio Advertising

In a former life, I worked in broadcast advertising and wrote well over 2,000 ads. Today you can put my experience to work to write hard-hitting radio ads to make sales, generate leads, or drive traffic to your Web site or landing page. Need affordable radio production? I can deliver that too, including talent, production, and duplication services.

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