Ram Rumps and New Year's Resolutions

by Dean Rieck

New Year's Day is one of the oldest and most universal celebrations. It began about four thousand years ago in Babylonia, where it was celebrated in late March and lasted for 11 days. Despite the many centuries that have passed, much of what they did is very familiar — eating and drinking themselves silly, staging elaborate parades, and yes, even making resolutions.

So what were the two most popular resolutions back then? To pay off debts and return borrowed tools. Those are still pretty good personal resolutions, but what about business resolutions? Well, I don't know that they made any. I only know that since business back then was largely agricultural, they would rub the rump of a beheaded ram against the temple walls to insure a good crop in the new year.

Now I doubt that ram rump rubbing will have a significant effect on your direct marketing results, so may I suggest a few practical ways to insure better business next year:

If none of this works and you're desperate, you might want to go ahead and try ram rump rubbing. It worked for the Babylonians. Maybe it'll work for you. Hey, it's worth a test.

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