Quick and Easy Web Site Traffic Killers

by Dean Rieck

Attend a conference on e-commerce, and the guru du jour will preach the gospel of usability, interface design, and customer experience. The promise is that the more user-friendly your Web site, the more repeat traffic you'll generate.

Traffic schmaffic. Don't those Web gurus get it? Most businesses don't want traffic. They just put up a Web site because everyone else puts up a Web site. And more visitors mean more headaches.

I feel your pain. So I'm going to cut through all the baloney and give you some advice you can really use. Just try one or more of these simple tips and I guarantee you'll drive people away from your Web site and make sure they never, ever come back.

Oh, and while you're working on your site to implement some of these ideas, post a funny picture of a guy with a hard hat. That'll drive away pretty much everyone.

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