Why am I the direct response copywriter of choice? Over 200 satisfied clients say it best ...

"Congratulations, Dean. Your QuickBooks package is beating out the test by a +300% margin."
- Daureen Papinchak, Intuit

"Great job! Your E-mail strategy helped us increase clickthroughs by 176% and conversions by 194%. In fact, we more than doubled client acquisition. We're overjoyed with the results."
- Lisette O'Brien, AccuData America

"I did a 10,000-piece test mailing of the MSM package, and it worked TOO well. We used up our 1200+ bottles in inventory and went into backorder."
- Alberta Moore, LifeWise Naturals

"The DR Radio spot you wrote for us has generated well over a million in sales in Radio. It's a good call generator and continues to be our control spot."
- John Kennerty, Sinclair Intimacy Institute

"Thanks for all your help with our direct mail program! We have seen a lot of success this year using the advice you gave us on our consultation. I refer back to it often. Due to our success we got a nice bump in the Direct Marketing budget!"
- Matt Rees, AutomationDirect

"When we tested your new piece against our control package the results exceeded all expectations ... the new piece generated around 7 times the number of inquiries as the control package. Each morning I actually look forward to the mail being delivered to see how many new leads we have received."
- Bob Gilstrap, NAEIR

"The direct mail piece you designed for us last month is doing great. As of yesterday, we have a 9.6% return rate and they are still flying in. It is beating the pants off our other mailer."
- Steve Kindred, Wrox Press

"Great job on our new ad. It pulled better response than anything in our company history. Your layout and copywriting skills proved to be a magic combination!"
- Greg Robertson, eNeighborhoods

"The package you created for our book was a smash hit! With response rates reaching 1.5% on the initial mailing, the results more than exceeded our expectations. We were most impressed with the diligence you showed in learning about our product, and how to communicate its features and benefits in such a compelling way. Over the last 2 years, we used many other creative sources on this project, but none came close to delivering the quality, speed and professionalism that you demonstrated. Thanks for a job well done!"
- Nathan Brooks, Robin Hood Publishing

"With your professional copywriting, we improved our response rate from 0.5% to over 3%. Your concept of breaking up sales objectives into smaller goals is working very well for us."
- Julian Dong, Applied Computer Systems

"Your recent mailing for us generated a 3% response rate, the best direct mailing results ever received. You're quick to understand our product, work well with our team, able to meet our deadlines, and reasonably priced with excellent results."
- Margo Jones, Open Text

"The best thing about working with Dean is that he is able to quickly understand our product and our market. He has helped us stay focused and achieve results that greatly surpass any previous efforts by double digit percentages!"
- Ilene Schwartz, Advanstar Communications

"The best! Simply the best direct response strategist / copywriter bar none. I have worked with numerous agencies large and small, regional and national over the last 14 years and no one consistently delivers results like Direct Creative. On target, on message, on time and on budget."
- Robert St. Thomas, Sprint

"Since 1984 I have worked with a lot of copywriters. Dean stands out from the crowd. He is very attentive to the details and responds quickly to client needs. He is surely one of the top writers in the direct mail industry."
- Mike Deuerling, Marketing Communications Group

"Dean Rieck is a master of words and imagery par excellence! He can make the mundane sound magical."
- Richard Roll, American Homeowners Association

"You saved my neck on the sales lead project! We had been running a 30-second TV spot for 2 months with limited success. Our company came close to pulling the plug. But your suggestions doubled response rates immediately and dropped our cost-per-lead significantly, turning the program from a disappointing failure into a stunning success. Thanks again for your help!"
- Mark Rosenquist, Cross Country Home Services

"Thank you for your help with our project. So far, the response to the catalog has been tremendous."
- John McQuaid, Comstock

"Your copy is strong, with a real knack for pulling out the most important benefits."
- Steve Middleton, The Learning Company

"You're a professional in every aspect of the word. From creative copywriting and great design concepts to valuable suggestions and attentive follow-up, you're a pleasure to work with. I will never hesitate to call you for a project because I know I can expect to get a quality return on my investment. Thanks, Dean!"
- Traci Bejger, OPEN

"We are all delighted with the response to the Sponsor Acquisition package you did for us. It is phenomenal to get that kind of response testing against a control that has worked so well for so many years. I can't remember when I've found a six-page letter so compelling."
- Ann Andrus, Children International

"I would just like to take a moment to thank you for your work for us. I found your copy and creative services to be very well done, and your professionalism and timeliness was excellent. You are one of the better professionals I have dealt with in your field and I look forward to working with you in the future."
- Chris Slaughter, EGW Publishing

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your work on the Bayer/NSF Award for Community Innovation program. Your writing is impressive and your ideas are ingenious. You really make this work look easy."
- Stephanie Hallman, Media Management Services

"Thanks for a job well done! In the words of our client, PERFECT."
- Oley DiCinso, Infomat

"One of the things I like about working with you is that you like to attack the real problem. The '9 Ways to Save' flier was a great example of how you saved me money. I thought I needed an elaborate solution but you showed me how a simpler device would work."
- Lisa Schaaf, Ohio Manufacturers' Association

"When I was facing an impossible deadline, I picked up the phone and you came through with two highly professional packages with no advance notice. I want to thank you for turning things around so quickly. My deadline was met and you gained an extremely satisfied client."
- Leif Noren, Creative Response Concepts

"Dean has the ability to quickly grasp my clients needs. He produces the strongest possible copy for my direct mail pieces ... from publishing to financial."
- Chris McGovern, CM Direct

"The brochure copy was GREAT! Finally, a copywriter who can actually produce effective copy! You really do understand the art of writing copy to support the efforts of marketing and sales. Your approach to our project was fresh and the content was well researched. Thanks to your participation, we were successful in delivering our message."
- Robert Parks, Marketing Formula Group

"You've done a great job on our direct mail project. Both your diligence and knack for focusing in on the 'full' picture as well as creating fresh ideas in a concise approach have us expecting very good results from this package."
- Cynthia Drivas, Media Management Services

"You've been great to work with. On strategy, on-time, and on budget. Plus, no matter what the assignment, you always throw in a 'Lucky Strike Extra,' something not expected but much appreciated."
- Edwin C. Reams, Advantage Direct

"Your ability to write clear and motivating copy for us has not only produced results, but has also improved our bottom line. You have proven how cost effective it is to use talented consultants for special projects. We look forward to working with you more."
- Nancy Quinn, Ohio Dental Association

"Thanks for the great work on the Huntington Bank mailing. You're prompt, creative, extremely good at fact finding to prepare a direct marketing program. I'm impressed by the way you work with clients, account executives, and art directors."
- Woody Vincent, Vincent Graphics

"Dean sells benefits, not features of products/services in his writing. His style brings the written word to the level of the average reader/listener."
- Ann M. Koon, Jefferson Technical College

"I have worked with many copywriters ... over the past 15 years. I can clearly say that your work consistently was among the best that I have ever seen. Even with rush work, you seemed to find a way to make the copy stand out."
- Art Daube, WTOV-TV

"Dean is exceptional because he understands marketing is as much feeling as fact. He writes to needs and wants ... he operates at a level well above buzz words and formula writing."
- Brett Cornwell, WNWO-TV

Articles and Speaking

"Dean, your article in Target Marketing was excellent."
- "Rocket" Ray Jutkins, Direct Marketing Consultant

"I thoroughly enjoyed your collection of formulas (in DM NEWS) and it's well worth reviewing frequently just to keep the writer's eye on the ball."
- John D. Yeck, Yeck Brothers Group & DMA Hall of Fame Member

"I loved the information you gave for our Monthly Copywriting Genius Teleconference. Especially the information on Design. I think it's really important for new copywriters to think about all aspects of their writing and how it all comes together."
- Helen Buttery, American Writers & Artists Inc.

"I can't say enough about how much I have enjoyed your articles in DM News over the years. Your comments and advice are always useful and actionable, not theoretical and clinical. I was always excited to see one of your articles (it was always the first thing I looked for in DM News) and am now happy to receive your blog and newsletter. So many of the others I receive are deleted almost immediately because they have no useful content. I save every one of yours. I've dealt with enough 'consultants' over the years to be quite jaded by the experience. You are definitely a breath of fresh air." - Matt Rees, AutomationDirect

"Great stuff, Dean. Your focus on the power of social proof is a tool I know many of our readers will jump on — if they're smart. I've been sharing your concept with several colleagues and have literally seen the lightbulbs go off!"
- George Wright, The Not-For-Profit CEO Monthly Letter

"Thank you again for the wonderful job you did as our January Business Leaders Symposium speaker. Your insights could not have been more appropriately shared. It is obvious that you are highly successful and your wealth of experience was of tremendous benefit to our business majors."
- Robert W. Stephens, Ohio Valley College

"I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your articles in DM News. There isn't one that I haven't enjoyed and been educated by."
- Jim Farrell, Coupon Connection

"I've got to tell you, I read your column in DM News regularly, and I just love it. Great stuff, simply presented, always useful. THANKS!"
- Larry Mersereau, The Success Strategist

"I enjoyed your article! I recently revamped a mail piece and was faced with all the issues you covered in your article. I had an 'award winner' before I fixed it!"
- Bruce Scoville, Barton Industries

"Dean, your article in DM News was terrific! A good reminder of how to respond to client enquiries, even for someone who's been at it for years."
- Mark Johnson, Copywriter

"Thank you for the useful information that you have been providing in your DM News Creative Checklist column. Please keep up the good work."
- Dave Emmett, Suncraft Technologies Inc.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your column in DM News. I've been writing copy for a long time. Not only do you know what you are talking about, you present things clearly, succinctly and interestingly. You are an invaluable asset to DM's readers."
- Bill Gershon, Bill Gershon Marketing Communications

"I want you to know that I always enjoy your columns. Keep them up!"
- Christopher Marlow, MetLife

"Just wanted you to know I read your stuff in DM News with great interest and I appreciate the common sense tips and tactics you pass along. Continued luck from an admirer."
- John Romero, Romero Marketing

"While I'm certain it isn't the forum you envision while writing your columns, I have to tell you that your recent DM News piece had me laughing out loud in the men's room. Guy in the next stall finished up awfully fast come to think of it. Nice work."
- Barry Cox, Copywriter

"I just finished reading your article in the recent DM News. What a hoot!!! It was great to read such a humorous treatment of important issues facing direct marketing. I only hope that the reader takes the time to fully appreciate the lessons to be learned from your piece."
- Richard Hren, Ph.D., Nykamp Consulting Group

"I always look forward to your no-nonsense, very practical articles on commonsense marketing tips. I always learn something new."
- Tracy A. Culp, Southwest Independent Living

"Great column! Stuff I've been harping on for many years. Should be required reading for many so-called pros who know not what they do."
- Norm Hankoff, Loyal Reader

"Just a note to say thanks for writing such useful articles. I like your witty writing style and the enthusiasm that jumps off the page."
- Bob Martel, JMB Marketing

"I had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your article. Actually, 'enjoy' is probably not the right word. It was a very painful experience. Over the course of my 30 years in the business ... I've experienced everything you described. Thanks for a well-written and meaningful message."
- Steve Tharler, Tharler/Opper Marketing Communications

"If you could just reprint your article and send it to every designer in the United States before I work with them, I'd never lose!"
- Josh Manheimer, Copywriter

"I just finished reading 'Design for Response' and cannot agree with you more! I am a designer, but have learned through years of working in the direct mail business that more times than not 'pretty' design can turn your customer off."
- Robin Blank, Adolph Kiefer & Associates

"Just read your 'Design for Response' article and loved it (boy is it true). Thanks for putting it in a format that we can all xerox and pass out to our designers."
- Sherry Cumpstone, Campus Crusade for Christ

"Thanks for the laugh in the July issue of Direct Marketing. As a new Marketing Manager for a Direct Mail company in Philadelphia I have been doing industry reading for weeks and haven't laughed that hard in a while. I'm logging on to your web-site for more."
- David Neff, ICS Corporation

"I just wanted you to know I appreciate your articles in DM News. I find them very informative. In fact, I keep some of them around as references, since your checklist format makes it easy to locate important points. You either teach me something new or remind me of something I've forgotten."
Jeff L. Schmitt, Advanced Data-Comm, Inc.

"I really enjoyed your article on the ethics of copywriting. It's nice to know that someone out there is both ethical and successful ... I've seen your name bandied about when lists of great copywriters are compiled."
- Tricia Geib, Copywriter

"I just read your DM News article and simply wanted to say kudos. Having spent 10 years as an AE, planner and interactive person before I got into retail, the points you make from Hite are so very accurate. I'm keeping your article in my files for both reference and employee training. Thanks for sharing!"
- Laura Davis, Retail Media Consulting

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