How do you become a copywriter?

There is no set career path for becoming a copywriter. Some train for it. Others fall into it accidentally because they have the necessary skills.

Here are some of the most common ways people become a copywriter:

Train for it.

Take marketing, advertising, and business classes in college. To get real-work experience, apply for internships at ad agencies or corporations. Start your own business to learn how to sell products or services. After graduation, apply for full-time copywriting positions.

Transition from another job.

If you're in sales or marketing, and you have writing skills, apply for a low-level copywriting job. You'll probably take a cut in pay, but you can work your way up.

Transition into freelancing.

If you're tired of your job, look for part-time copywriting assignments for nights and weekends. After saving money and getting experience for a year or so, you could quit your job (or go part-time) and slowly build up a clientele. Eventually, you can have enough work to go full-time freelance.

Put your know-how to work.

If you have special knowledge in a subject (such as health care, technology, or finance), you can offer copywriting services to those who need special writers in their area. If you're a computer specialist, you could do technical writing for a computer company.

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