Easy Ways to Energize Your Creative Powers

by Dean Rieck

So far, we've discussed The Creative Conspiracy and The Technique Trap. We've looked at the three levels of creative mastery and the way creative people act. And we've reviewed a few of the bad habits that can limit your creativity.

In this session, we'll discover a few basic ideas for becoming more creative every day. The important point to remember is that everyone has creative abilities. It's a natural and necessary part of being human. The only difference between those we call "creative" and everyone else is that creative people use and develop their creative skills. Usually this is not a conscious effort, but a natural result of their personality and upbringing.

However, everyone can energize their creative powers, including YOU. To a great extent, it's a matter of replacing the bad habits that are holding you back with good habits that make you a more creative and productive thinker. Here are some suggestions:

Are you starting to feel more creative? Can you feel those creative juices starting to flow? Good. You're on your way to becoming a creative mover and shaker.

Here's a little assignment to help this good feeling continue: Every day do something different. It doesn't matter what it is. Move your desk to the other side of your office. Come into work an hour earlier. Instead of writing yet another 6" x 9" direct mail package, try a self-mailer. Talk to the new guy in the office next door. Read a book on welding or candle making or stamp collecting or anything you know nothing about.

All of this seems like pointless activity, but you'll find yourself seeing things differently. Thinking different thoughts. Coming up with new ideas. And many a career has been built on a single great idea.

In the next session, we'll see how you can get your staff to think and act more creatively as well.

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