"Duh"-rect Solutions for Your Direct Marketing Problems

by Dean Rieck

When a sports team has a bad season, you will eventually see an interview in which the coach gives his "Duh" speech. You know the one I mean. The interviewer shoves a microphone in the coach's face and asks what he plans to do differently next season.

The coach then starts talking about getting back to basics and drilling on the fundamentals. And you're sitting there in your living room muttering to the TV screen, "Duh!" Because everything he's saying he plans to do he should have been doing all along.

Fortunately, when things aren't going right in direct marketing, you don't have to humble yourself on national television. But giving yourself a little "Duh" speech and getting back to basics is still a good idea, since most problems are caused by violations of basic principles.

Now, did I really need to tell you any of this? Duh.

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