Do You Make These Common Direct Marketing Mistakes?

by Dean Rieck

One of my neighbors has a beautiful green lawn. I asked her to tell me her secret, but she said there wasn't any.

According to her, the reason her lawn is so nice isn't that she does anything special, but that she simply tries to avoid making the mistakes most others make, such as over watering, over cutting, or under fertilizing. She says a lawn wants to be green and gorgeous if you just let it.

I could say the same for direct marketing. People want to buy your products and services if you just let them. Success is often simply a matter of not making the mistakes others make.

Here are some of the most common mistakes I've seen businesses make.

I've said it a thousand times: Avoid mistakes before seeking brilliance. You can see that as cynical if you want, but I prefer to see it as inspiring. It says to me that you don't have to be a genius to get ahead and that anyone can be successful selling a product or service.

As with most things in life, direct marketing is more perspiration than inspiration.

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