Do You Make These 8 DM Testing Mistakes?

by Dean Rieck

One sunny morning in 1939, Einstein got up, grabbed his papers, and walked to his office. As a Nobel Prize winner, he was used to people eyeballing him in public, but this morning people seemed to stare more than usual.

He had solved some of the deepest mysteries of relativity, gravitation, and quantum mechanics, but this world-renowned genius couldn't figure out that he had left the house without his pants. Which just goes to show you that smart people can do dumb things.

So you shouldn't think that just because you're smart, you're immune to making mistakes in your direct marketing tests. In fact, here are eight mistakes that I see all the time:

So, do you make these mistakes?

Don't feel too bad if you do. I've never met anyone who didn't make at least one of these mistakes at one time or another. Just remember that while so much of what we do is craft or art, testing needs to be science. If you get too preoccupied with the creative part of your job, you may get caught without your pants.

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