Direct Mail Flop: Why It Happened and How to Fix It

by Dean Rieck

Your copywriter spent weeks writing it. Your designer pulled out all the stops. You showed it around and everyone just loved it. But when you mailed it, the thud could be heard for miles. What happened?

It's no fun when a direct mail piece flops, but it's a fact of life. Even if you have a long record of success, eventually you'll crash and burn. It's painful, but not the end of the world. And if you're a pro, you'll use this as a learning experience.

Next time it happens to you, try approaching the problem methodically. Here are just a handful of tips to figure out what happened and decide how to fix it.

Everyone remembers that Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs. But few remember that he also had 1,330 strike outs. That's because people generally remember successes and forget failures. So don't fret. Just figure out your problem, fix it, and step up to the plate again.

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