Dean's List of Proven Offers

by Dean Rieck

There are three things you must do in order to create effective direct response advertising: 1) make an offer, 2) provide sufficient information to allow your prospect to accept your offer, and 3) provide an easy means of responding to your offer. So one way or another, everything hinges on your offer.

Whole books could (and should) be written about offers and offer strategy, but I'll forgo erudite lectures here and just give you a bare bones and practical list of offers that have proven to be winners over the years. Just remember that most good offers are really combinations of two or more individual offers, so all of these are mix and match. And I've organized the offers by function to make the list easier to use.

Raising Response

Lowering Risk

Reducing Price

Increasing Urgency

Improving Terms

Offering Services

Offering Bribes

Increasing Sales

Generating Inquiries

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