Breaking Down the Barriers to Buying

by Dean Rieck

You know you have a good product. You're sure the price is right. You're testing the best lists. And you have a solid offer and good creative. Still, you just aren't getting the response you expected. So if you're doing things right, what's going wrong?

It's likely that you've run head-on into one or more of the barriers to buying. These barriers include everything — physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial — that may stand between you and your prospect.

Your goal, therefore, is to ask yourself questions about your promotion in order to identify and subsequently remove every conceivable barrier so that absolutely nothing stops the sale. Here are a few questions to get you started:

Call it Zen selling. Call it a problem/solution approach. Call it a new selling paradigm if you prefer a more academic term. Whatever you call it, adopting a barrier-removal mindset may be the most practical way to find what's wrong when you think you've done everything right.

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