The $64,000 self-promotion letter

Most people who get into the freelance copywriting business do so because they love to write compelling copy. They seldom do it because they want to spend time finding clients.

However, to survive as a freelancer, you DO have to find clients. It’s just part of the profession.

The Freelance Copywriter's $64,000 Direct Mail Self-Promotion PackageRecently, I ran across a unique resource called “The Freelance Copywriter’s $64,000 Direct Mail Self-Promotion Package.” It’s written by Pete Savage, a copywriter in Canada.

Now I’ve been around a while and have seen all sorts of e-books and reports that promise to give you the “secret” for success in this business. Most, frankly, are full of tripe and nonsense from people who don’t actually earn a living as a copywriter.

Pete’s book is different. For one thing, Pete really does earn a living writing copy. For another, it’s very specific and practical. It’s not just “how-to,” it’s “here’s exactly how-to.”

Basically, Pete shows how he created a direct mail package to advertise his copywriting services. He takes you step-by-step through the whole process, from how he came up with the idea to writing the letter to printing and mailing to the results. And yes, this letter earned him $64,000. Though I think it’s likely that by now it’s earned him considerably more since that $64,000 was just what he earned from the one mailing in one year.

The cool part is that he includes photos of each element in the package so you can see exactly what it looks like. And he does a line-by-line analysis of the sales letter to reveal why he wrote what he wrote.

Most guides on self-marketing give you 101 general tips that sound great but are hard to implement because they’re vague. Pete doesn’t try to tell you everything about everything. He just shows you one direct mail piece that works. You can easily modify the idea to use it for yourself.

But isn’t “snail mail” a little out of date today? No. In fact, despite what many would have you believe, direct mail is still the most effective way to reach a business audience.

With a physical letter, you’re only competing with a handful of other items. With e-mail, you’re competing with potentially hundreds. And if all you do is create a Web page expecting clients to call, you’re in for a rude awakening. My Web page gets a lot of hits and I get plenty of contacts from it. But that’s not the case for most sites.

I’ve tried virtually every self-promotional trick out there, and only two have ever worked for me. One is direct mail. It works every time. The other? I’ll keep that to myself for now. :)

Now, I don’t recommend just anything. I’m only recommending Pete’s book because I’ve read it and am impressed by it. Pete’s approach is right on the money.

Pete has a Web page with details on The Freelance Copywriter’s $64,000 Direct Mail Self-Promotion Package. Check it out.

By the way, just because the word “copywriter’s” is in the title doesn’t mean it won’t work for designers and other freelancers. Really, Pete’s approach will work for just about any service you offer.

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