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Things have been busy here at Direct Creative recently.

Not only am I getting swamped with work, I’ve been doing a few things to give you more ways to follow the tips I provide, connect with me, and learn about how to write good copy. I’m also looking for a few good copywriters.

So in no particular order, here they are:

Pro Copy Tips blog – If you haven’t visited yet, drop everything and go there now. The new blog is dedicated exclusively to copywriting and freelancing for “smart” copywriters. Here are some recent posts:

31 sales letter openers to kick start your sales pitch
Double your reading speed with this odd little trick
Blab and blather your way to great copywriting ideas
7 ways to drive a copywriter stark raving mad
Secret Google search hacks and tools for copywriters

I’m also in the middle of a series of articles on how to create a website to generate business for freelance copywriting.

Copywriter Information Center – This is where you can find a ton of information on what a copywriter does, what work is available, courses you can take, and a handful of articles on the basics of copywriting.

Twitter – Yes, I’m now on Twitter. I resisted it as long as I could. I’m feeding posts to Twitter from this blog and Pro Copy Tips and will be tweeting other info from time to time on business and some other interests I have in my personal life.

LinkedIn – I’m fairly new to this as well, but I find it’s useful for keeping up with colleagues. This is business only. Come on over and join my network.

Copywriters Wanted – I have a variety of projects I need help with and have decided to create a small stable of writers with various specialties. If you’re interested in working with me, contact me. Please, I beg you, have mercy and do NOT call, do NOT send me all your samples, and do NOT start stalking me. Just contact me online and tell me a little about yourself. Give me a link to your website. I’ll take it from there.

That’s it for now. Thanks for being a loyal reader. And don’t be shy about leaving comments now and then. You know you want to.

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