Notice on spam IRS email now circulating

I have received many calls and messages informing me that an email is circulating with my web address on it. The email appears to be from the IRS.

This email is fraudulent and dangerous. Do not click on the link in the email. The link leads to a site that will attempt to install a virus on your computer.

Please note: The IRS never sends email. They communicate by mail and phone only.

Obviously, the email has nothing to do with me. I am not sending it and I cannot stop it. It appears that the spammer has simply linked to a graphic on my blog. I renamed the graphic to break the link and prevent the email from robbing my site of bandwidth. And now that the link is broken, my website is visible in the email.

I have reported this to my ISP, however they are unable to stop the email from being sent since it is coming from an unknown person at an unknown location.

I suggest that you delete the fraudulent email then empty your deleted email folder. If you are unsure if you’ve been infected, run a scan of your computer with whatever security software you use.

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