Which social media are right for you?

social landscape

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Social media started out looking like a fad. Now it’s taking the marketing world by storm.

I and many other consultants contend that it’s not a replacement for traditional media, but it certainly deserves your attention.

The question is, how much attention? Which social media should you be using and what is the value it brings to your company?

CMO.com recently posted a chart showing 10 popular social networks and rated each for customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to site, and SEO.

Depending on the resources and goals of your organization, it may be wise to focus on just two or three social networks and do them really well, rather than try to do them all and do them poorly.

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2 Responses to “Which social media are right for you?”

  1. Ted Grigg on March 31st, 2010 3:43 pm

    Many of the characteristics of social media resemble an expansion of PR rather than direct marketing or other “intrusive” media like TV advertising, radio and print. Social media includes, among other things:
    - reputation enhancement
    - endorsement by consumers and third parties
    - publicity and getting the word out
    - brand building
    - name recognition

    Like PR, the costs related to social media consist primarily of talent and time costs. And the results are often unpredictable like PR. You cannot guarantee share of eyes or circulation like traditional media.

    That’s why your comment related to focusing on a few things done well rings true. Social could drive you nuts until you can quantify what you are trying to do.

    Most marketers see the value of PR and social media.

    But PR has has established some measurable criteria related to circulation. I suspect that something similar will evolve from the social media practitioners.

    .-= Ted Grigg’s last blog … Communication and Strategy not the Technical Marketer’s Strength =-.

  2. Professional Copywriter on April 6th, 2010 7:57 am

    That’s an awesome chart! It is often difficult to calm clients down about Social Media. it is such an easy thing to sell and once people hear about “Twitter engages customers” and “Facebook pages with millions of friends” companies want that, even if it is beneficial!
    .-= Professional Copywriter’s last blog … Write healthy copy. Join a gym! =-.

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