Welcome to the Direct Creative Blog!

I’ve been wanting to add a blog to my main Web site for some time. I enjoy talking shop and sharing know-how, and that’s what this blog will be all about.

I’m not going to constrain myself too much on subject matter, but it will revolve around direct marketing topics, specifically creating various forms of direct response advertising, such as direct mail, e-mail, ads, sales letters, lead generation, etc. I might touch on freelancing and general business matters from time to time. And I’m likely to veer off road into other subjects too.

The way I see it, since direct marketing is about selling, and since selling is about people and life, pretty much any topic is fair game because to understand people you have to live life and observe how people think and how things work in the real world. The best copywriters and salesmen are men and women of the world with the capacity to think widely and deeply about the biggest and smallest of things.

Subscribe to the blog, ask questions, and comment. I’d like this to be a conversation rather than a lecture.

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So am I supposed to launch this blog by smashing a bottle of champaign against my computer or something?

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