Links for copywriters and would-be designers

I’ve started contributing articles to Copyblogger, which is one of the best blogs for copywriting even if you’re not a blogger. 11 Top Secret Recipes for the Aspiring Copywriting Chef is one of my recent posts. Another is The 5-Step POWER Copywriting Method for writing ads.

SEO has become a vital part of copywriting for the Web. But one of the confusing things about this subject is that different gurus have different ideas about best practices. So SEOmoz has collected the wisdom of 37 top SEO experts to decipher Google’s secret algorithm in a meaty resource called Search Engine Ranking Factors.

Can you teach yourself graphic design? That’s a good question and the Graphic Design Blog cites several people who have done it, though they left me out of their list. Harumph. They also go over various learning styles and provide a collection of resources for teaching yourself the basics of design for print and the Web.

Has a client ever asked you what kind of response rate is typical for a particular promotion? That’s a tough question. But that doesn’t stop Ted Grigg from tackling it and coming up with some benchmarks for a variety of typical promotions.

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