Dazzle your clients with Google search hacks

Dazzle Your Clients and Double Your IncomeThis is an excerpt from my just published free report, 12 Astonishingly Simple Ways to Dazzle Your Clients & Double Your Income.

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Before I write a single word for any direct marketing project, I ask a lot of questions. A LOT of questions.

In fact, I use a checklist to gather basic information. And I recommend you do the same.

However, even if you’ve asked lots of questions, there is no substitute for digging deeper and learning about your client’s company, products, customers, and competitors.

Clients can’t be fully objective, so you can often discover facts and ideas that your client can’t see or doesn’t think are important.

Spend time poring over company literature, past ads and promotions, testimonials, and testing data.

Pull ideas from your past projects that may apply. Talk to your fellow copywriters or other clients. Put feelers out on your LinkedIn network or Twitter followers.

Perhaps the best research tool you have today is Google. You can find nearly anything with a few keystrokes if you know how to search effectively.

Google Search Hacks
Type: investment newsletter / Google searches for: “investment” and “newsletter”

Type: investment OR newsletter / Google searches for:“investment” or “newsletter”

Type: “investment newsletter” / Google searches for:exact phrase “investment newsletter”

Type:  investment -newsletter / Google searches for:“investment” but not “newsletter”

Type: ~investment / Google searches for:“investment” plus synonyms

Type: define:investment / Google searches for:definitions of the word “investment”

Type: allintitle: investment newsletter / Google searches for:keywords in page titles

Type:  inurl: investment newsletter / Google searches for:keywords in page URLs

Bonus Google Search Tools
Go to Google and click on “more,” then click on “even more” to reveal a full page of search tools, including:

This is just one of 12 simple ways to dazzle your clients and double your income. I’ve prepared a 26-page report that reveals 11 other ways.

It’s free. I’m not selling anything. No strings attached. No affiliate links. This report is simply a learning tool for fellow freelance copywriters who want to build their freelance business.

In fact, not only do I want you to download this report. I encourage you to share it with others. Email it to your friends. Post it to your blog. Package it with products you’re selling. Distribute it freely any way you like.

All I ask is that you keep it intact, unedited, unaltered, and deliverable just as it is, a PDF document. And if you use excerpts, just include a link back to Pro Copy Tips, my blog for writers and freelancers: http://www.procopytips.com. Fair enough?

Click here to download the report. And tell me what you think.

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