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Do people like advertising? Many would have you believe the answer is “no.” But I think differently. And I keep seeing statistics that prove me right. Like this report showing DRTV spots being watched on TiVo. It basically says that direct response spots are the least fast forwarded. Maybe because they’re interesting rather than merely entertaining like so many other TV spots?

Words that give your legal department a headache is an interesting article that hits home with me. Some of my large, corporate clients give me headaches. I think corporate lawyers worry way too much about low probability lawsuits and too often get in the way of good selling copy. And I do NOT believe that lawyers should have the last word on what is acceptable in marketing. Input, yes.

Message Believability – Does Tiger Woods Really Drive A Buick? I doubt it. And those commercials always make me laugh. Not that there’s anything wrong with Buicks. But somehow I can’t see Tiger driving one. But even though he was dropped, according to this article, I just saw a spot last night with Tiger being amazed that OnStar would unlock his car. I guess they need time to line up another spokesman. Maybe Donald Trump? Yeah, that’s believable.

No matter the market, people are at different levels of knowledge about problems and products. The Blogger’s Guide to Indirect Selling is aimed at bloggers, but the principles of reader awareness apply to any sort of copywriting or selling.

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