The 25 most popular articles of 2009

Is it the end of the year already? Seems like it was Spring, then I blinked, and now the year is nearly over.

It’s always interesting and instructive to look back over a year’s worth of blog data to see what people are reading. This year, the most popular article by far was the one on website eye tracking. I’m not sure if it was the content of the article or that big blue eye photo that caught people’s attention.

The most controversial proved to be the post on the Dunning-Druger Effect, which sparked some debate about whether it’s real or I’m just an arrogant ass.

So here, in order, are the 25 most popular articles of 2009 based on Google statistics. They were not all posted this year, but they all attracted a great deal of interest.

  1. Eye tracking study reveals 12 website tactics
  2. What if a corporation created the STOP sign?
  3. The power of color in direct marketing
  4. 21 great headlines from trashy tabloids
  5. Cheap direct mail ideas can work wonders
  6. The Dunning-Kruger Effect and the secret for coping with the incompetents around you
  7. How to write the “classic direct mail package”
  8. Why slogans don’t sell
  9. 7 stupid ways to screw up your direct mail
  10. Speedwriting: 12 tips for writing faster
  11. Design and legibility: 10 basic principles of reading
  12. 5 simple SEO tips to boost your search traffic
  13. 3 predictions for the future of direct marketing
  14. Kaboom! The selling magic of Billy Mays
  15. Design and legibility: 7 tips for high ad readership
  16. Soup, sand, and rancid cheese: The craziest direct mail test in history
  17. 30 Timeless Direct Marketing Principles
  18. What does “freelance” really mean?
  19. Good direct mail design: let form follow function
  20. Snap Pack Facts: An interview with Ted Grigg
  21. Wacky Waiving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man
  22. Service pricing: Hourly rate or fixed fee?
  23. The direct mail envelope quandary: plain or bold
  24. How to use “official” envelopes for direct mail
  25. FTC cracks down on endorsements and testimonials
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