Bad Habits that Kill Creativity

by Dean Rieck

If we're all creative to some degree and if creativity is a learned behavior, why aren't more people highly creative?

Well, you don't have to be a psychologist to know that people are generally pretty lazy. There's a natural human inclination to do things the easy way. And let's face it, most things in life don't require too much creativity. So for the average person, there's really no motivation for the extra effort.

The truth is, most people who display higher levels of creativity have simply learned this behavior by chance. Perhaps their parents or friends did creative things. Or maybe certain random events inspired a different approach to life. It doesn't matter how you become creative, of course, but there's a downside to this randomness. Because if you can pick up good creative habits, you can pick up bad creative habits, too. And you usually don't know which is which until they're deeply ingrained.

But bad habits can be broken if you are determined to do so. The first step is to identify these behaviors so you can start making productive changes. Here are some of the more common bad habits that hamper creativity in direct marketing.

Do you have any of these bad habits? Maybe you have several. Well, if you're a little woozy from this blast of reality, take a break. Stretch. Get a cup of coffee. Then come back and check out the next session, which will give you a few simple ways to combat these bad habits.

By understanding the good habits you learned in the previous session and starting to change the bad habits you've identified in this session, you'll be well on your way to creative mastery.

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