A 12-Step Radio Ad Formula for Generating Inquiries

by Dean Rieck

Radio listeners are highly responsive. And radio ads are powerful, cheap, and simple to produce. Yet radio remains one of the most under-used and poorly handled weapons in the direct marketing arsenal.

Radio spots are not ideal for one-step sales, but they excel at two-step sales. So if you have a product with wide appeal, you can use radio ads to build an inquiry list for direct mail, telemarketing, or sales lead programs. Radio ads are also good for building traffic for Web sites.

Here are a few pointers for creating simple but effective direct response radio ads to generate calls, inquiries, and leads.

WARNING: The advice some radio reps provide is profoundly bad. I know because my first job was selling radio airtime. Our marching orders were to bring in orders, not to help clients make money. We preached frequency, not efficiency.

My advice? Don't work with radio reps directly. Hire a radio buyer who specializes in direct response. You'll get better advice, better placement, better prices, and better results.

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