7 Proven Techniques to Boost Direct Marketing Response

by Dean Rieck

My grandfather used to say, "There's more than one way to skin a cat!" And if you made the mistake of asking, he would describe each way in grisly detail.

As a direct response copywriter, designer, and consultant, I'm always discovering new and better ways to help my clients sell things. So I know there's more than one way to write a letter, design an order form, or phrase an offer. (And if you make the mistake of asking me, I'll describe each way in excruciating detail.)

But I also know from long experience that it's often the tried and true that leads to the best results. And while there are no sure things in our business, there are a handful of techniques that have a long history of raising response almost every time they are tested.

As with all techniques, these proven winners can be modified to fit your particular needs. For example, in a recent subscription package, I used a variation of the "Yes/No" offer in the form of "FREE" and "No Thanks" tokens.

The copy beside the "FREE" token read, "Return your invitation with this token, and we'll send your free issues immediately." The copy beside the "No Thanks" token read, "Return your invitation with this token, and we'll give your free issues to someone else." It's hard to say no and lose something free.

But what's the best, most proven way to skin a cat? Don't ask.

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