12 Boring Copywriting Ideas that Sell Like Crazy

by Dean Rieck

In the marketing business, people are always looking for the new thing. But when it comes to copywriting, the old ideas are generally the best ideas. Why? Because copywriting is about selling, which is about communicating with people, who are pretty much the same today as they ever were.

Yeah, I know. That's a little boring. I'd love to reveal some spectacular new copywriting discovery. But the truth is, for the most part, the stuff that worked a hundred years ago still works today. And a hundred years from now, it will be working just as well.

Buzzwords come and go, of course. The style of marketing copy is generally shorter and more to the point now. But if you pick up an old magazine or catalog or look at a direct mail package from decades ago, you'll see the same principles at work as you would in any of today's efforts. Here are a dozen of the most important.

Okay. Stop yawning. I know this is pretty obvious copywriting advice. Or is it? Are you really making it easy to order or are there hurdles to jump? Have you provided enough information for a decision or are your potential customers left wondering about some detail? Are you selling too much or too little? It may sound a little boring. But I promise it can make your results very interesting.

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