10 Profitable Uses for Good Old Fashioned Direct Mail

by Dean Rieck

Remember when fax technology was supposed to kill mail? It didn't. And remember all the promises of e-mail and the Web making mail obsolete? Didn't happen.

If I had a dollar for every time some technoweeny wrote a breathless obituary for direct mail, I could retire quite comfortably. Actually, I will retire quite comfortably one of these days in large part because direct mail continues to be such a powerful medium.

That's because it's the one and only medium that lets you put an offer for your products and services into the hands of virtually anyone, anywhere. No other medium has its reach, flexibility, or reliability.

So just in case you've been on the cutting edge for too long, let me remind you about what you can do with our good old fashioned friend direct mail.

Yup. Good old fashioned direct mail. Using it won't make you hip or trendy. It won't give you lots of new buzzwords to impress your friends at dinner parties. In fact, from a technological perspective, it can be downright boring. But who cares? It still works. And in the end, that's all that really counts.

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