I'm the copywriter to call when you want SALES ... not just words.

Looking for a copywriter? Google "copywriter" and you'll find thousands with limited direct marketing experience who can give you words.

But if you're serious about selling your products and services, maybe you should contact a copywriter who can give you RESULTS!

I'm Dean Rieck. As a freelance copywriter, I've been delivering results for serious direct response advertisers for years, including QuickBooks, Rodale, Sprint, American Express, and more than 200 others. My specialties include direct mail, B2B, sales lead generation, sales letters, e-mail and online marketing, and radio advertising.

Am I the copywriter for you?

Read my bio to get a feel for who I am. Take a look at my copywriting and design services to see what I can do for you. Browse my direct marketing articles and resources or drop by my direct response blog to see how I think. Then, if you believe I'm the guy you're looking for, let's chat.

Call me at 614-882-8823, send an e-mail to Dean@DirectCreative.com, or fill out my contact form. Tell me about your product or service, the challenge you're facing, and what you want to accomplish. If I can help, I'll tell you how. If not, I'll try to recommend someone who can.

Want advice on finding the right copywriter?

Read "How to Find and Work with a Professional Copywriter." You'll get two simple rules and plenty of tips for finding the right copywriter. No sales pitch. Just sound advice.

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